Considerations as You Shop for Wedding Shoes

As you search for just the right wedding shoes, there are other attributes to consider besides their style. Here are some tips to help you create a perfect wedding-day experience in no small part because of your choice of shoes:

Comfort counts. The phrase "to die for" takes on new meaning after standing in excruciatingly uncomfortable shoes for several hours. Comfortable wedding shoes don't have to be dowdy or boring. You can find a wonderful selection of low heels, slippers, and sandals online. You may also consider buying two pairs of wedding shoes -- a fashion-conscious pair for the ceremony and slippers or tennis shoes for the reception.

Heel height affects the length of your gown. If your gown is floor-length, shoe height determines whether the hem falls above, at, or on the floor. As you shop for gowns, try on different heel heights with each dress. When you go for the final fitting, be sure to bring your wedding shoes so your wedding dress can be altered to perfection.

A balanced look matters. Consider how elaborate or simple your gown is when choosing shoes. The key is a balanced look, which you can achieve by wearing understated shoes if your dress is heavily embellished (or vice versa). Choosing the same accents for your shoes, gown, and/or jewelry (pearls, beads, crystals, rhinestones, etc.) can also create a beautiful, balanced look.

Outdoor sites can trip you up. Outdoor or beach weddings call for more stability in your shoes. Consider satin bridal flat shoes, ballerina shoes, sandal bridal shoes, wedding tennis shoes, or going barefoot. 



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